A Kaizen Experience

Be Better! Your personal trainer with A Kaizen Experience

Training Philosophy to make that change

Train in All Planes of Motion


A Kaizen Experience will focus on increasing your movement in all the planes of motion. Sagittal, Frontal, and Transverse are the three planes of motion for human movement. Your fitness goals of building stability, strength, power or endurance will occur as you train in these three planes of motion.   

Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands


The Kaizen Experience will place specific demands on your body to perform movement patterns of pulling, pushing, squatting, hinging and loaded carrying. These movement patterns will be utilized using various exercises to keep your workouts fun! As your body adapts to these various imposed demands you will see the change for the better in your strength, stability, balance and power!  

Make that Change

These training strategies are the basis for all programs at A Kaizen Experience. Our goal is to simply promote continuous improvement by focusing on the whole person.  The Japanese word kaizen simply means "change for better".  So, let's get your change started!    

I have a passion for the improvement of physical and mental wellness. I believe that our beliefs, attitudes, and feelings can positively or negatively affect our fitness and wellness. My training/coaching style encourages good form and movement, positive affirmation, the belief in not yet and realistic goal setting. I believe that HARD work pays off. No magic pills here just consistent, supportive, reliable coaching! A Kaizen Experience – Change for the Better. Be Better!